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Do You Have A Story To Tell?

Together we can explore your storyline and you can choose to add a new plot or twist. Or, gain more awareness of how you relate to others and yourself.

About Loren

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Hello and welcome to my website.


Reaching out for help, or finding someone impartial to listen to you, is probably one of the hardest and most courageous steps in this therapeutic journey.

A journey that can be enlightening as well as daunting in your quest to find out who you really are, what makes you tick and how to accept yourself for who you are today.

It can also leave you asking more questions.

With so many counsellors out there, how do you know if I’m the right therapist for you?  What do I offer that others don’t?

I am an Integrative counseller, meaning I use several ways of working and I adapt each session in relation to what is being presented by you.


There are 3 types of therapy frameworks I use;

Person Centred; allows me to enter your world from your perspective and walk alongside you.  Sometimes just having a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space to air off any worries that are troubling you, helps you to feel lighter by sharing the burden with me.

Maybe you feel mis-understood or have anxiety about who you really are?  Feeling lost with no purpose in life?  Or your thoughts are really jumbled and you struggle to express how you are feeling?

My job is to help you, un-jumble and point out any difficulties that might be causing you to feel ‘stuck’.  Looking at unhealthy patterns of relating and, together, come up with coping mechanisms to ride the waves of life and the obstacles it can entail.

Gestalt is German for ‘whole’ and is all about the ‘here and now’.  What’s going on between you and I?  How are we being with each other?  How are we speaking to each other?

What goes on between us, can mirror how you are with others in your day to day life.  My job here is to help you express yourself both verbally and through your body language.

Our body and mind can get out of sync with each other and become fragmented.  Our work together can involve getting to know all these separate parts of you and becoming in tune and then, albeit figuratively, knit yourself back together again.

Then there is Transactional Analysis (TA).  As children we learn how to navigate our way through society, taught by our elders, parents, teachers and any other authoritative figures that look after us.


mindset is everything counselling

Sometimes these are healthy, other times not so much, causing us to react conflictingly in any given situation.  We can become confused about why and how we behave the way we do and also why others react in the way they do to you.  Through awareness gained in the therapeutic relationship with me, I can shed light on, thoughts, feelings and behaviours, game playing and ways of expressing and relating, that can in fact be hindering and holding you back from change.  Becoming spontaneous with the ability to adapt yourself to change, through new skills and knowledge that you will learn about yourself.

Truth be told, we all offer something different because we are all unique in our own experiencing.  With this understanding and my own awareness about my own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, enables me to respect that you are distinct to me and how you feel, think and behave in any given situation will be unique to you.

My job is to walk alongside you and learn from you.  To give you the gift of how it feels to be truly heard.

I have experience of working with;

Anger management
Attachment styles
Bereavement and Loss
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD
Boarding School Syndrome
Emotional abuse
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Relationship problems
Self harm
Suicidal thoughts
Work related stress


"I don’t normally write reviews but I felt on this occasion I should.  I’ve been going to see Loren for roughly 18 months. I decided that I needed to go and see a therapist as I was in a dark place with my mental health and I had been feeling suicidal.  When I immediately met Loren I felt that I could instantly talk to her and trust her.  I felt that Loren was very understanding and would listen to all my problems.  Loren had the ability to calm me down, understand and guide me through a very difficult time in my life.  Loren has been amazing and helped me put things into perspective.  I am now in a totally different frame of mind and I would recommend anyone to go to Loren as she has transformed my life and I now feel that I have a future."

Dave T



"I loved my sessions with Loren.  I was nervous and anxious when we began but, as our meetings progressed, I felt more relaxed and open to discussing my deeper feelings.  I felt Loren helped me address the issues I face and that the experience left me more able to look forward, with tools for coping, as well as with more optimism and trust in my own abilities."





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